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cmWatcher 2.8.3 is now available

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cmWatcher 2.8.3 is now available on


Important notice: If you have already an older cmWatcher version installed, read the readme file for installation instructions.





cmWatcher GUI:
– PerformanceView: Fix a bug while loading selected monitors which have the same name on the same tree level.
– PerformanceView: For a better differentiation the System name was added on monitor nodes.
– Forms can be confirmed by pressing ‚Enter‘.
– New Connector form added. Connector can be selcted/deleted from a list.



cmWatcher GUI:
– function ‚Delete Alert Cache‘
– function ‚Map System to SCOM‘ only creates the Instance. To create the Healthexplorer, you have to call ‚Install / Update ManagementPack‘

Management Pack:

ManagementPack has been updated

cmWatcher and latest SAP Kernel (720)

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SAP delivers a new downward compatible Kernel (720) to customer. With this Kernel a few changes in CCMS at least for Dual Stack systems are coming up. They are explained in SAP note 1667336.


With SAP Kernel 720 SAP CCMS agent are no longer used. Every system connects to SAPSTARTSRV (local service) and this service delivers any monitor functionality. Please follow the note and deregister the SAP CCMS agents so CCMS can connect to each system using SAPSTARTSRV.


For cmWatcher this change in SAP Kernel has no effect.