CCMS Monitor Template

You want to use cmWatcher and CCMS – but don’t have CCMS configured? Then use our CCMS Starter Template. This templates monitors most import system components.


Part of the content:

MTE Description
ABAP Shortdumps Errors during the execution of ABAP programs are displayed here in the status attribute Shortdumps. The system has created a dump and reported this to the monitoring architecture. Transaction ST22 (ABAP Runtime Errors) is set as the analysis method.
Aborted Batch Jobs Individual aborted jobs on an application server; a separate red alert is generated for each of these jobs
Update Errors Error in Updates
Update Service Status of Updates Services


This template monitors all known SAP systems in your environment by dynamic Monitor definitions.

Installing the template:

1. Download template: connmove_example_Monitor_Set

2. Create new Monitor / Monitor set

3. Enter the new Monitor in Maintenance Mode

4. Import Monitor Template

Further Information:

SAP Help Portal – Transport CCMS Monitors