CmEasyCloud Cmdlets – How to configure SNC

To use SNC you have to install a kerberos or NTLM file. In the table below you can check which DLL you need.

Kerberos NTLM
64 bit Environment gx64krb5.dll gx64NTLM.dll
32 bit Environment gsskrb5.dll gssntlm.dll

Create a system environment „SNC_LIB“ and add the path to the DLL-file. Example: C:WindowsSystem32gx64krb5.dll

You can download the dlls from

You have also the possibility to specify the path of the library in the ‚SNC_LIB‘ parameter of the command:

$con = Get-CmSapConnect -SNC_Name p:SAPServiceEC1@REDFRUIT -Language EN -Client 100 -Host ERP.REDFRUIT.CORP -SystemNumber 0 -SNC_LIB C:gx64krb5.dll