Note: cmWatcher Changelog


connmove improves cmWatcher with every new release. This note explains which Version is the latest one and also shows changes and new features.

The latest version is always available at With the download you also get the latest cmWatcher Manual and Management Packs.


cmWatcher (GA 21. October 2013)

-MAI interface supported.
-Management Pack and cmWatcher database updated.

Please read this Note for Update hints.


-Fixed GUI bug: Changing the order of the SCOM connectors didn’t worked.


-Fixed bugs:
– creating discovery objects with empty names. Alerts and performance nodes will be skipped if the relevant fields are empty.
– stopping cmWorker service itself if an error occurs during the verification of the database version.
– if alerts can not be loaded from SAP system, cmWatcher closes the alerts from SCOM and transfers them another time again.


-ManagementPack / cmWatcher GUI redesigned

cmWatcher < 3.0

cmWatcher ***************** -Position of used Alert-Customfields can be changed. -Alert-Description can be customized. -ManagementPack updated.

cmWatcher ***************** cmWatcher GUI: – PerformanceView: Fix a bug while loading selected monitors which have the same name on the same tree level. – PerformanceView: For a better differentiation the System name was added on monitor nodes. – Forms can be confirmed by pressing ‚Enter‘. – New Connector form added. Connector can be selcted/deleted from a list.

cmWatcher ***************** cmWatcher GUI: – New function ‚Delete Alert Cache‘ – New function ‚Map System to SCOM‘ only creates the Instance. To create the Healthexplorer, you have to call ‚Install / Update ManagementPack‘

ManagementPack updated