CmEasyCloud Cmdlets read entries of a SAP table

With the cmdlet ‘Get-CmSAPTable’ you have the possibility to read out the entries of a SAP table.
You have to specify the name of the table of which you want retrieve the data.
There are also two options to select the entries:

  • Fields: Represents the fields that are retrieved
  • WhereClause: SQL statement for fetching the data
PS C:Userszacharias.kopidakis> Add-PSSnapin Cmcmdlets
PS C:Userszacharias.kopidakis> $con = Get-CmSapConnect -UserName admin -Password ***** -Language EN
-Client 100 -Host ERP.REDFRUIT.CORP -SystemNumber 00
PS C:Userszacharias.kopidakis> Get-CmSapTable -CmSapConnect $con -Name RZLLITAB

CLASSNAME                               APPLSERVER                              GROUPTYPE
---------                               ----------                              ---------
Group2                                  ERPDI01_EC1_05                          S
Group2                                  ERP_EC1_03                              S
Group2                                  ERP_EC1_04                              S
SMLG                                    ERP_EC1_00
TEST                                    ERPDI01_EC1_05