Extended Cluster Management

In Microsoft Failover Cluster Administrators often have to manage a lot of different Services. In case of maintenance that means manual failover every single cluster service.




Of course, Administrators have to switch any resource back as it was before maintenance. Only this gurantees a best performance for all different cluster services.
connmove now extended the cmShell Features to speed up and automate this tasks. With three Powershell cmdLets Administrators can easily

  • Safe the current Service distribution over all cluster nodes in a file
  • Failover any Cluster Service on one specific node to another one
  • Restore the Service distribution


In Detail

  1. cmdLet save-cmCluster <Filename> stores the current Service distribution in a single file. Administators can edit the file easily.
  2. Move-CmClusterGroup –SourceNode <SourceNode> –TargetNode <TargetNode> moves any cluster service to the target Node:



Restore-CmCluster .myClusterConfig.txt distributes the cluster services like it was saved before.



Some more details in controlling your cluster using PowerShell: