OS/DB Migration Quality Accelerator for SAP

Minimize the risk and effort involved in SAP OS/DB migrations

The latest enhancement to the connmove EasyCloud – the OS/DB Migration Quality Accelerator for SAP – makes the risks involved in SAP OS/DB migrations more predictable and significantly reduces the internal testing and migration efforts.

Companies doing an OS/DB migration – also known as a heterogeneous system copy – are switching their SAP landscape to a new operating system and/or database. The migration in itself is fully supported by SAP, but also usually involves major internal challenges associated with the adjustment of what is called file interfaces. This is either due to the need to reorganize the file and authorization structures or, when it comes to switching from Unix to Windows, the changes in addressing these file stores.

As part of its EasyCloud offering, connmove has launched a service that checks SAP systems for the use of files paths in SAP reports, variants, or batch jobs. It is even possible to automatically change the previous path to the new values. Customers no longer have to waste precious time testing and adjusting the sometimes thousands of variants in an SAP system. One customer was able to cut a total of 70 person days in internal project work!

Take advantage of what the connmove OS/DB Migration Accelerator has to offer and find out more by contacting us.