Note: SAP User Authorizations for EasyCloud Cmdlets


To use the SAP functions of the EasyCloud cmdlets, the user must have the appropriate rights. This note explain the minimum priviliges to connect EasyCloud to an SAP ABAP System.


The minimum rights to create an RFC connection to the SAP system are the following:



Determine the rights of an EasyCloud function

If the user has no rights for a function, you can determine the missing rights as follows:

  • Execute the EasyCloud function.
  • You can check if the user is missing rights by using the transactions ST01, SU53 and SM21. If there is something missing add it to the users role.
  • After you have given the rights to the user, execute the EasyCloud function again. Maybe the function needs more rights.


Example: SAP TMS

Attached to this blog post there is a SAP role template for the usage TMS and the AuthorizationData Cmdlets:

Download Template

The following Screenshot there is an example of a typical role for the usage EasyCloud.


Further Information about SAP TMS and authorization objects: