With HANA , SAP has developed a powerful appliance solution for the high-performance operation of SAP solutions.

This raises the following pressing questions for SAP customers:

  • What are the real benefits of this new solution?
  • How much will these benefits cost me?
  • How can I incorporate HANA into my operations?
  • What alternative solutions are available?

What is connmove’s approach?

connmove will analyze the current status of your SAP landscapes and identify optimization opportunities without HANA. We will work with you to determine your actual requirements. In a next step, we will explore the opportunities provided by HANA with respect to your specific SAP system. This will allow you to make an informed decision based on the results we deliver to you.

Outstanding performance at an affordable price

Our experience shows that there are a number of proven technologies apart from this new technology that offer many possibilities. Real-life examples from our reference customers, for instance, have shown response time improvements in an SCM/APO system of about 90%.

SAP HANA: Performance Improvements