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New business process requirements regularly necessitate changes to the SAP systems. SAP Enhancement Packages (EHP) and version upgrades deliver the required functionalities. However, it is also up to the IT department to make changes to the operating system or database in order to ensure operational excellence and cost effectiveness.

connmove’s staff is made up of experienced and certified consultants that will turn your project into a success. We take pride in guaranteeing the complete migration of all of your data with as little system downtime as possible. After that, we will make sure of a successful go-live of your systems. As we hand over operations to your staff, we will also ensure a thorough knowledge transfer.

EHP upgrade for SAP systems

New SAP Business Suite functionality is made available as EHP’s. EHPs are imported into the SAP system using specific tools. SAP customers can then choose to activate the new features they want from within the system. This allows them to import EHPs with little downtime.

OS/DB Migrations for SAP systems

There are many different reasons for switching to a new operating system and database platform for the SAP system:

  • IT infrastructure homogenization
  • Release upgrades
  • License cost optimization

connmove guarantees the complete migration of your data to the new platform. We will also deliver a thorough knowledge transfer and delta training to prepare your staff and ensure secure operations.
Please read the SCA Schucker testimonial for more details on the benefits of an OS/DB migration project.

Testimonial: SCA Schucker and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Minimizing downtime

The downtime usually associated with modifications to SAP systems is a major concern for any company. connmove has the diverse experience needed to minimize downtime. We will provide you with a number of options and you can choose the one that best suits your situation.

EHP OS/DB Migration - Downtime versus Effort - connmove
connmove will minimize the downtime for your SAP project in line with your requirements to strike the right balance between effort and downtime.