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cmWatcher User Manual

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You want to install and configure cmWatcher. Therefore you want to have the latest User Manual available.


This note contains the latest User Manual. Please use the following link to download ist:


How to install cmWatcher in a cluster

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Your monitoring concept requests a high available monitoring solution for Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) and SAP components. Therefore also connmove cmWatcher shoud be high avilable.

connmove cmWatcher supports a configuration in a Microsoft Failover Cluster environment. With this configuration, cmWatcher is protected against single Hardware outages and single Operating systems outages.

This article describes how to install and configure cmWatcher in a Microsoft Failover Cluster. It describes how to configure a generic service within the microsoft failover cluster role.



cmWatcher Failover Cluster configuration is supported in a two node configuration. Alike other cluster configuration, cmWatcher with its specific functionality has special demands on the cluster configuration:

IP Adresss:
The cluster Service does not need a specific IP adress, because cmWatcher connects to the systems and database. No connections goes to the cmWatcher installation directly

Cluster shared Storage
cmWatcher is normaly installed in c:program files. Of couse you can install it directly on a cluster shared disk. But while cmWatcher stores configuration and status items in the database, there is not really a need to do so. It’s suitable to install cmWatcher on both Cluster nodes on local disks.
Disadvantage off this local configuration: Patches of cmWatcher must be done on both nodes.


cmWatcher runs in a Microsoft Failover Cluster. connmove recomment the cluster configuration itself along to current Microsoft Failover Cluster configuration guidelines. connmove support this kind of configuration in Microsoft Failover Cluster with Windows Server version 2008 R2 and above, x64 bit only.


Installation of cmWatcher:

Install cmWatcher (for additional information, see the cmWatcher manual)  on the respective nodes of the cluster. Note: The cmWorker service has to be stopped. After the installation of the cmWatcher instances the database connection of one cmWatcher instance has to be configured. Then change to the directory of the cmWatcher “C:Program FilesConnmove GmbHcmWatcher” and copy the “cmWatcherSettings” file to the other nodes.

Creating cluster service:

Open the Failover Cluster Manager and click on “Create Empty Role”.


The new role will appear in the Roles list. Double clicking the role opens the properties window. Specify the name for the role and select the cluster nodes on which you have installed cmWatcher. Apply changes and close the window.


Right click on the role and select “Add Resource/Generic Service”.



The “New Resource Wizard” window opens. Choose the cmWorker service from the list and click next until the wizard finishes.




Right click on the role entry and choose “Start Role”.


The cmWorker service will now start on one of the specified cluster nodes.


You now succesfully completed the cmWatcher cluster installation.


Note: cmWatcher Changelog

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connmove improves cmWatcher with every new release. This note explains which Version is the latest one and also shows changes and new features.

The latest version is always available at With the download you also get the latest cmWatcher Manual and Management Packs.


cmWatcher (GA 21. October 2013)

-MAI interface supported.
-Management Pack and cmWatcher database updated.

Please read this Note for Update hints.


-Fixed GUI bug: Changing the order of the SCOM connectors didn’t worked.


-Fixed bugs:
– creating discovery objects with empty names. Alerts and performance nodes will be skipped if the relevant fields are empty.
– stopping cmWorker service itself if an error occurs during the verification of the database version.
– if alerts can not be loaded from SAP system, cmWatcher closes the alerts from SCOM and transfers them another time again.


-ManagementPack / cmWatcher GUI redesigned

cmWatcher < 3.0

cmWatcher ***************** -Position of used Alert-Customfields can be changed. -Alert-Description can be customized. -ManagementPack updated.

cmWatcher ***************** cmWatcher GUI: – PerformanceView: Fix a bug while loading selected monitors which have the same name on the same tree level. – PerformanceView: For a better differentiation the System name was added on monitor nodes. – Forms can be confirmed by pressing ‘Enter’. – New Connector form added. Connector can be selcted/deleted from a list.

cmWatcher ***************** cmWatcher GUI: – New function ‘Delete Alert Cache’ – New function ‘Map System to SCOM’ only creates the Instance. To create the Healthexplorer, you have to call ‘Install / Update ManagementPack’

ManagementPack updated

cmWatcher 3.0 is now available

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cmWatcher 3.0 is now available. You can download it from our download section:



  • cmWatcher GUI redesigned
  • LogonTest: cmWatcher creates for each SAPConnector a performance counter named ‚LogonTest‘. This counter shows the connection time to the sap system.
  • ManagementPack:
    • redesigned class model
    • cmWatcher creates a relationship between the connmove.cmWatcher.Instance class and the System.Computer class. Thereby the health status of the instance is forwarded to the computer object.
    • Views:
      • Status view for each class
      • Alert view
      • Event view
      • Performance view
      • Diagram view

Management Pack classes:







HealtExplorer of a Windows.Computer object:


DashboardView (not included in cmWatcher ManagementPack):









You are invited to download trial versions of our cmWatcher and EasyCloud software solutions.*
You can use our trial versions for 90 days. With the exception of the time constraints, the trial versions have the same functionality as the full versions.

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Especially when it comes to Microsoft System Center, we rely on our trusted partners. Our connmove partners are committed to maximizing value for you and will assist you in the purchase, concept development, and implementation of connmove software solutions.

cmWatcher Partners

Partner Logo VAS

VAS Value Added Services is a German company specialized in distribution and solution-oriented, product-based services. We partner with a range of solution providers with a focus on specialized new technologies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Partner Logo Phat

PHAT CONSULTING is an independent consulting firm that supports large and medium-sized companies in the development and implementation of forward-thinking IT solutions on the basis of Microsoft technologies. PHAT Consulting works with its customers in IT infrastructure and client management projects to develop technically and economically sound solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with existing IT operations.



ITPC is a connmove cmWatcher expert and a connmove preferred partner in Switzerland. The strengths of ITPC lie in its SAP technology consulting and in the operation of SAP system landscapes (help desk and operations).

EasyCloud Partners

Partner Logo VAS

VAS Value Added Services is a German company specialized in distribution and solution-oriented, product-based services. We partner with a range of solution providers with a focus on specialized new technologies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.



ITPC is a connmove cmWatcher expert and a connmove preferred partner in Switzerland. The strengths of ITPC lie in its SAP technology consulting and in the operation of SAP system landscapes (help desk and operations).

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SAP monitoring in Microsoft Operations Manager (SCOM)

connmove cmWatcher is the solution for SCOM-SAP monitoring. After all, SCOM is even more efficient when it allows you to monitor all of your critical systems at a glance. This is where we come in: cmWatcher adds SAP monitoring capabilities to SCOM.

Enable SCOM for Business Process Monitoring within SAP Applications

Enable SCOM for Business Process Monitoring within SAP Applications


SCOM Dashboard – real-time information

Having trouble with your system? There is no time to waste! You need to get to the bottom of the problem before everything comes to a standstill.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if administrators could just get an at-a-glance view of the status information they need? This would provide them with simple, one-stop access to the status of individual IT components such as hardware and operating system or the entire SAP application, allowing them to take immediate and appropriate corrective action.

These are the situations that cmWatcher was designed for: Its close integration with Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) allows it to display all the information that is relevant to your SAP systems, such as messages or performance data. The status of every single IT component is displayed in real time. You are never more than a mouse click away from the detailed information you need.


Download cmWatcher Factsheet

Business Process Monitoring

cmWatcher allows for continuous business process monitoring by mapping the structure of each SAP system in the SCOM class model. This also makes it possible to only include individual components of an SAP system into the monitoring framework.


SAP Performance State in SCOM

In addition to alert data, that is, text messages, cmWatcher also reliably forwards performance values to SCOM. This then allows SCOM to show a combination of the SCOM and SAP performance indicators of a server. For you this also means that you can put different indicators in relation to one another.


How to connect SAP to SCOM

cmWatcher offers different options for integration with SCOM. One is to use Solution Manager or another SAP system as a central system. Here, all data will be collected and forwarded to SCOM. Alternatively, you can also choose to connect every system individually to cmWatcher.

Regardless of which method you choose: Each SAP instance will be displayed individually in SCOM.



Bernhard Mändle

What sets connmove Software apart? Expert knowledge packaged in easy-to-use tools for specific use cases.

Bernhard Mändle, Managing Director

Homogeneous SAP operations on Microsoft – with connmove Software

connmove has developed software for the homogeneous operation of SAP on the Microsoft platform. Our products are the “missing link” between both worlds. connmove cmWatcher, for example, enables you to monitor your SAP systems using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). connmove EasyCloud is a powerful framework and can, among other things, be used to perform your SAP administration tasks using PowerShell. It also allows you to fully automate your operations such as SAP system copies or the automatic patching of SAP landscapes.

Software made in Germany

Inspired by the ideas and requirements of our customers we decided to combine our SAP and Microsoft expertise to bring you valuable software solutions.
The result is innovative solutions like cmWatcher for SAP monitoring (SAP-SCOM integration) and EasyCloud for the automation of SAP operations. Our software builds on Microsoft products like Windows or the System Center suite and enhances them with additional features for SAP.

This allows our customers to integrate their SAP systems in order to homogenize their IT operations and benefit from reduced costs.


To ensure highest levels of quality, our software is developed exclusively by our team of in-house developers in Germany. The team is not only in charge of development tasks, but will also be happy to provide you with expert support services and, whenever necessary, with on-site implementation assistance. This is our way of ensuring that our software meets your real-world needs.


Customers who purchase our solutions are entitled to our premium support and can obtain new versions of our software free of charge. We guarantee that our software solutions follow the same support lifecycle as the Microsoft products they are based on. We will support new Microsoft products as soon as possible, but no later than 6 months after they are released.

cmWatcher 2.71 is now available

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cmWatcher 2.71 is now available on



cmWatcher GUI:
– Event description of CCMS events is now editable
– Position of custom fields used by cmWatcher are changeable
– Function “SAP Alert Close Cycle” can be turned on and off
– Function to send a test event to SCOM
– Function to remark the healthexplorer of the relevant SAP discovery instance

cmWorker Service:
– optimization of SCOM queries

Management Pack:
– “AlertView” added


Important notice:

Workflow for the installation of cmWatcher, if a previous version is already installed:
– Remove cmWatcher
– Remove from the cmWatcher-program folder the cmWatcherSettings file
– install cmWatcher 2.71
– after the installation start cmWatcher and set the connection data of the cmWatcher database (do not create new database)
– install new ManagementPack by using cmWatcher GUI