EasyCloud – PowerShell for SAP

EasyCloud introduction and demo

connmove EasyCloud is a powerful framework for SAP automation. In addition to comprehensive software components, it also includes predefined execution plans for common Basis tasks. EasyCloud follows a modular design, making it easy to integrate it with existing operations.

Experience EasyCloud in our interactive demo.


EasyCloud Software

The EasyCloud software encapsulates SAP Basis tasks and makes them available mainly through Microsoft PowerShell. This translates into short learning curves and the rapid automation of existing processes. EasyCloud can also be easily integrated with other automation solutions through PowerShell or .NET.

Watch our interactive demos “User Management” and “System Copy” to find out what it can do. For more use cases, please refer to the Extras section.



EasyCloud execution plans

EasyCloud-More Than Functions

Why reinvent the wheel when the expectations placed on automation stay mostly the same. That is why connmove offers predefined and proven execution plans for EasyCloud that can be easily tailored to your needs. Click here for a current list of available execution plans..