Bernhard Mändle

What sets connmove Software apart? Expert knowledge packaged in easy-to-use tools for specific use cases.

Bernhard Mändle, Managing Director

Homogeneous SAP operations on Microsoft – with connmove Software

connmove has developed software for the homogeneous operation of SAP on the Microsoft platform. Our products are the “missing link” between both worlds. connmove cmWatcher, for example, enables you to monitor your SAP systems using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). connmove EasyCloud is a powerful framework and can, among other things, be used to perform your SAP administration tasks using PowerShell. It also allows you to fully automate your operations such as SAP system copies or the automatic patching of SAP landscapes.

Software made in Germany

Inspired by the ideas and requirements of our customers we decided to combine our SAP and Microsoft expertise to bring you valuable software solutions.
The result is innovative solutions like cmWatcher for SAP monitoring (SAP-SCOM integration) and EasyCloud for the automation of SAP operations. Our software builds on Microsoft products like Windows or the System Center suite and enhances them with additional features for SAP.

This allows our customers to integrate their SAP systems in order to homogenize their IT operations and benefit from reduced costs.


To ensure highest levels of quality, our software is developed exclusively by our team of in-house developers in Germany. The team is not only in charge of development tasks, but will also be happy to provide you with expert support services and, whenever necessary, with on-site implementation assistance. This is our way of ensuring that our software meets your real-world needs.


Customers who purchase our solutions are entitled to our premium support and can obtain new versions of our software free of charge. We guarantee that our software solutions follow the same support lifecycle as the Microsoft products they are based on. We will support new Microsoft products as soon as possible, but no later than 6 months after they are released.