How to install cmWatcher in a cluster


Your monitoring concept requests a high available monitoring solution for Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) and SAP components. Therefore also connmove cmWatcher shoud be high avilable.

connmove cmWatcher supports a configuration in a Microsoft Failover Cluster environment. With this configuration, cmWatcher is protected against single Hardware outages and single Operating systems outages.

This article describes how to install and configure cmWatcher in a Microsoft Failover Cluster. It describes how to configure a generic service within the microsoft failover cluster role.



cmWatcher Failover Cluster configuration is supported in a two node configuration. Alike other cluster configuration, cmWatcher with its specific functionality has special demands on the cluster configuration:

IP Adresss:
The cluster Service does not need a specific IP adress, because cmWatcher connects to the systems and database. No connections goes to the cmWatcher installation directly

Cluster shared Storage
cmWatcher is normaly installed in c:\program files. Of couse you can install it directly on a cluster shared disk. But while cmWatcher stores configuration and status items in the database, there is not really a need to do so. It’s suitable to install cmWatcher on both Cluster nodes on local disks.
Disadvantage off this local configuration: Patches of cmWatcher must be done on both nodes.


cmWatcher runs in a Microsoft Failover Cluster. connmove recomment the cluster configuration itself along to current Microsoft Failover Cluster configuration guidelines. connmove support this kind of configuration in Microsoft Failover Cluster with Windows Server version 2008 R2 and above, x64 bit only.


Installation of cmWatcher:

Install cmWatcher (for additional information, see the cmWatcher manual)  on the respective nodes of the cluster. Note: The cmWorker service has to be stopped. After the installation of the cmWatcher instances the database connection of one cmWatcher instance has to be configured. Then change to the directory of the cmWatcher „C:\Program Files\Connmove GmbH\cmWatcher“ and copy the „cmWatcherSettings“ file to the other nodes.

Creating cluster service:

Open the Failover Cluster Manager and click on „Create Empty Role“.


The new role will appear in the Roles list. Double clicking the role opens the properties window. Specify the name for the role and select the cluster nodes on which you have installed cmWatcher. Apply changes and close the window.


Right click on the role and select „Add Resource/Generic Service“.



The „New Resource Wizard“ window opens. Choose the cmWorker service from the list and click next until the wizard finishes.




Right click on the role entry and choose „Start Role“.


The cmWorker service will now start on one of the specified cluster nodes.


You now succesfully completed the cmWatcher cluster installation.