Note: cmWatcher opens and closes the same Alerts repeatedly

To get the alerts from the SAP system we call the following BAPIs:

  • BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTREE – terminates with the error: ‚MSG_CANT_GET_MONI_PRESENTATION RA 362 The monitoring tree could not be determined.‘
  • BAPI_SYSTEM_MT_GETALERTDATA – this function expects as input the result tree from the first function.

The result of the error is an empty alert list.

Because no alerts were loaded, the cmWorker service falsely assumes that the alerts were closed from the SAP system. The service closes the alerts then also from SCOM.
When the next loading of alerts is successful, the alerts will be again transferred to SCOM.


Hotfix is avaialble for customer. Please contact connmove Support.