Note: SSO for connect-cmSAPHost not available


Connect-CmSAPHost is part of connmove EasyCloud and allows to connect to SAP SAPSTART Web service. You want to use Windows Authentication (Kerberos) instead of username / password.


Connect-CmSAPHost connects to SAPSTART Webservice and leverage the feature of this standard interface. Unfortunately this interface does not support single-sign-on via Kerberos tickets.

We recommend to use the credfile function of connmove EasyCloud. This function is available for Get-CmSapConnect, Get-SAPSAPHost, Get-CmSapGUIConnect, Get-CmSQLConnect, Get-CmOsConnect, Get-CmCluster, Search-CmOsUpdates, Measure-CmOsUpdates, Test-CmOsUpdates, Restart-CmOsUpdates, Install-CmOsUpdates