Develop your Automated Process with Microsoft® PowerShell


Secure Repository

The Secure Repository is the backbone of cmAutomator. It stores all information necessary for automation in a secure way.


Use IT items as objects

The difficulty of any PowerShell Script: Most times input parameters have to provided by the user.

With cmAutomator you benefit from our Secure Repository. Every item in it is available as a class with attributes for further development.

Secure Repository in action  

Consistent State

cmAutomator supports Consistent Development. A reference to other development objects contains not only the development object, it also references its version.

Simply add a reference, test your own coding and no changes made by other developers can affect the functionality of your coding.

Check-in / Check-out

Any Development Item provides a check-in/out procedure. Colleagues see the current owner of a development item and other lock information.

Every Check-in will lead to a new version of the item.

Share Coding

Share coding with other developers in the company. Just search and reference existing functions to your execution plan. This makes development much faster.

Logging and Error Handling

PowerShell has some great capabilities for Error Handling. cmAutomator Workbench will display the current status and health of a running job.

Separate logical sequence from implementation

In cmAutomator an Automated Process is split into two parts: The Execution Plan contains the logical process sequence, whereas Modules define the functional implementation.

Custom Namespace

Every development object in cmAutomator belongs to a single namespace. By default, every development object belongs to namespace Z, however you can also create your own namespace for development. Namespaces are protected, meaning that only the namespace owner can change items in it. Namespaces also allow you to share your development with others.

Full PowerShell functionality

cmAutomator supports PowerShell 2.0 and any newer version. You can leverage any available PowerShell CMDlet or functionality. Powershell Workflow is also supported.

Create Jetpacks

Jetpacks allow you to share complete and ready-to-use Automation Use Cases with other cmAutomator customers. A Jetpack consists of an Execution Plan, Modules, Attributes and license information. Each Jetpack is part of a personal namespace, so nobody else can change it and you are free to provide updates.