SAP monitoring in Microsoft SCOM

connmove cmWatcher monitors your SAP environment and Processes in the Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM).

Single Point of Monitoring

Turn SCOM into the single point of monitoring. All IT teams have the same view on current events and can work together on solutions.

Real-Time Monitoring

cmWatcher monitor SAP® environments in real time and transmits new alerts and system status reports to SCOM.

Supports the latest SAP products

cmWatcher monitors the latest SAP software products such as SAP HANA or SAP Business by Design. Of course, it is also compatible with all other SAP solutions.


Alert Sync

cmWatcher receives notices on Events in SAP systems and creates Alerts in SCOM.

Suppress Duplicate Alerts
SAP CCMS is constantly creating new Alerts. cmWatcher detects duplicate Alerts and suppresses them in SCOM.

Bidirectional Alert Close
No matter where an Alert is closed, cmWatcher takes care of it. If you close an Alert in SCOM, it will automatically be closed in SAP as well.

Any SAP-based Alert in SCOM can be used to launch an Auto-Reaction: Why not automatically deploy a new SAP Application Server in case of a performance bottleneck?

Performance Value sync

cmWatcher collects performance counters of SAP systems and stores them in SCOM.

This is very helpful for analytics of current and future issues by combining any of the available Performance counters in SCOM.

Distributed Applications

Business processes often leverage more than SAP systems. This is where SCOM „Distributed Applications“ comes in. Design your own view on a business process including all important aspects of the systems involved.

cmWatcher supports Distributed Applications by dividing your SAP system into its basic units.

cmWatcher & cmShell Interactive Demo