Connection SAP to SCOM

cmWatcher supports both SAP monitoring solutions: CCMS and MAI.

cmWatcher for MAI

SAP MAI is a state-of-the-art Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure by SAP. It is part of the SAP Solution Manager. cmWatcher syncs MAI Alerts by leveraging the MAI Alert Inbox.

cmWatcher for CCMS Monitoring

SAP CCMS is available in any SAP ABAP System and it has proven itself over the years.
cmWatcher connects to CCMS and syncs Alert and Performance values to SCOM.
With CCMS you can monitor each SAP System directly or over a Central System like SAP Solution Manager.


Health Explorer

cmWatcher includes the SAP system and its many components in the SCOM Health Explorer. Digging into an issue has never been easier.


Watcher detects a new monitored SAP system directly, based on the MAI or CCMS connection. There is no need for manual correction by infrastructure changes. Of course, it also maps SAP systems to existing SCOM objects such as Windows hosts.

Supports any Operating System
The operating system of your SAP environment or database doesn’t matter: cmWatcher handles any SAP supported Operating system and database.

cmWatcher UI

A custom made intuitive User interface supports the administrator in setting up cmWatcher. There you decide which SAP monitor should be synced between SAP and SCOM. You also decide which content is to be monitored: Alert, Performance values or both.

High Availability

Monitoring must be the “Last man standing”


  • Reconnect if SAP fails for seconds
  • Supports Logon Balancing over SAP Logon Groups


  • cmWatcher Cluster support available
  • Support multiple SCOM Management Servers for failover

cmWatcher Database

  • Use HA Features of SQL Server (Cluster or Database Mirroring)

cmWatcher Special Monitoring

Sometimes out-of-the-box SAP Monitoring is not enough. Therefore cmWatcher brings some special functionality for the monitoring of SAP lock situations, shortdumps and Update status reports.

Another feature allows you to simulate user logon and measure logon time.

Best Practice Monitoring Workflow

Setup Monitoring

  • Define Monitors in CCMS / MAI
  • Setup System Groups in CCMS / MAI
  • Subscribe Monitors for SCOM

Maintain Monitoring

  • Change Monitor in SAP Solution Manager
  • Add/Remove Monitor Items in Solution Manager
  • Maintain Threshold in Solution Manager