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EasyCloud Cmdlets for managing transport requests (TMS)

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The following examples show how you can manage the requests of the transport system by using our cmdlets.

First you need to load our cmdlets in the PS-Session and then connect to your SAP system.

Add-PSSnapin CmCmdlets

$con = Get-CmSapConnect -UserName admin -Password ****** -Language en -Client 100 -Host erp.redfruit.corp -SystemNumber 0


With Get-CmSapTMSRequests you can select request from a system. The result can be filtered by specifying parameters like author, status or type oft he request.

$requests = Get-CmSapTMSRequests -CmSapConnect $con


You can use Get-CmSapTMSRequestDoc to retrieve the documentation of a request. You can also edit the documentation of a request by using Add-CmSapTMSRequestDoc.

Get-CmSapTMSRequestDoc -CmSapConnect $con -IV_OBJECT EC1K900026


Get-CmSapTMSObjects returns all objects of a specific  transport request:

Get-CmSapTMSObjects -CmSapConnect $con -IF_TRKORR EC1K900030


To release transport task or request use Release-CmSapTMSRequest:

Release-CmSapTMSRequest -CmSapConnect $con -REQUESTID EC1K900023-COMPLETE $true

Import transport requests into a system:

Import-CmSapTMSRequest -CmSapConnect $con -System SLM -Client 100 -Request EC1K900023


The meaning of the return values ​​is described in the help of the respective cmdlets.